Entrance Gates | 1st Auto Garage Doors Ltd.

With a remote-controlled operator, your entrance gate becomes convenient, the way you expect it to be. Naturally, it needs to be a special operator, a high-quality product you can depend on day after day: for your new entrance gate or to retrofit an existing hinged gate or sliding gate.

We have all become used to convenience during the past 30 years. Today, the ability to open and close your gates from inside your car or the house, by remote control appeals to every discerning motorist.

Most new metal gates are driven from underground. The electro hydraulic drive operates by revolving the hinge post of the gate. Capable of operating in all ground conditions the mechanism is house directly beneath the gate in its own fully waterproof enclosure. All electrics are above ground (usually built in to a brick pier or other construction) and are housed in a solid cast alloy box.

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